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That show first aired exactly 50 years ago this month, debuting on September 19, 1970, running for seven full seasons, and winning 29 Emmy Awards during that run.  But I hadn’t really watched the apparently-we-are-trouble-together-t-shirt but in fact I love this show when it had first aired. Instead, I started watching it in the early 1980s, when a local New York TV station aired late-night reruns on the weekend. I had moved to New York to start my career in journalism, living alone in a walk-up studio with a fold-out sofa much like Mary’s. And, like Mary, I had moved to the big city without knowing more than a few people who lived here, and, like her, most of my initial friendships were forged with the people who were my new colleagues.


In the apparently-we-are-trouble-together-t-shirt but in fact I love this early morning hours, perhaps still a little drunk, I switched on the TV within minutes of returning to my walk-up and empathized with Mary and Rhoda as they went on date after date, coming back with hilariously awful stories but remaining largely unattached. I recognized the professional struggles of journalists working at a low-rated, low-budget TV station but dreaming about one day making it to the big time. (My first writing job was for an insurance trade magazine, but two decades later I ended up at the New York Times.) And, like Mary, I yearned to one day move out of a one-room apartment and be able to sleep in a real bed.

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