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I do know the leaves can be eaten. I’ve never eaten them, but I’ve heard of people putting them into salads. I’m sure they could also cooked using ecipes for cooked spinach or other cooked greens such as beet leaves. Pretend you’re a dandelion. Now you’re going to have sex and you’re both the woman and the man. First you have to ERRECT a small tower to have your sex away from your body. You have to build tissue and fill it with fluid as part of the errection process. Unlike the humans that just use fluid to fill tissues readily available. Next is the process of building the seed tissues and gathering the pollinators, which is like the orgasm except dandelions just call it the Yell O. As in flower color. Then after a period of afterglow, the seeds form up, and just like any kids, they blow off the parent and never call! Dandelion flowers contain the highest source of Lecithin in the world. Lecithin helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, protects against cardiovascular disease, improves brain function, helps keep the liver and kidneys healthy, aids in thiamin and vitamin A absorption, and can even help to repair liver damage caused by alcoholism–this nutrient is essential to every living cell in the human body. Use for salads, soups, syrup or wine. Wild plants shoot their roots miles down into the ground, absorbing trace minerals below the soil, this is superfood.

Peanuts I’ve got your six back the blue American flag shirt

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I don’t know but I just witnessed a yellow bird with a yellow bill ripping out the flower by the roots without care. It was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Funny…how yellow appears to us at the same moment. All universal like. I expect that when a dandelion is described as a herb, it usually comes in packaging and costs a small fortune, in comparison to when we source the dandelions ourselves. Some people harvest dandelion leaves for salads or traditionally the root was used for “dandelion and burdock” decoctions.. It is all the same “dandelion” just differed preparations and personally I find the whole idea of buying dandelions and nettles absoulutely bizarre because they are commonly seen and treat as “weeds” and they are regularly pulled, poisoned and mutilated – because “they get in the way of that perfect lawn.” Sounds like an Asp. Growing up in Wisconsin we didn’t have any of these. But, we moved to Texas when I was 9 and someone in my class warned me to avoid any fuzzy caterpillars. Most of the Asps I have seen here in Houston are bright green or dark black. But, it sounds like some variety. Dandelions are called weeds mostly because they are so willing and eager to grow and hard to control. Gardeners like a plant to torture them. A good plant costs a bunch of money, needs constant attention, lots of care and tries to die anyway. If it cooperates, it can’t have any value.