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So tired, that when I squatted to shit then I gave up thinking to get up, I wanted to just sit there and do my work, have a family, do my daily chores just sitting there, I didn’t wanted to get up. My fiancé has a Masters in Global Medicine, a Masters in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University, and is working to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California. Her father is also a dentist. Now, dentists here might argue otherwise, and there sure are other papers published that seem to conclude that there is no such risk. For instance, this paper titled “Dental x-rays and risk of meningioma; the jury is still out” published by dental radiologists as a response to the above paper say that X-rays don’t necessarily cause brain tumors—maybe brain tumors caused the X-rays! I had a hard time suspending my disbelief for this long. Dentists should not prescribe routine dental radiographs at preset intervals for all patients. Instead, they should prescribe radiographs after an evaluation of the patient’s needs that includes a health history review, a clinical dental history assessment, a clinical examination and an evaluation of susceptibility to dental diseases. Your dentist may not tell you this to look after your dental health, but you should do it yourself. Ask your dentist if they even know this research. If they do and yet they still take dental x-rays regularly without properly explaining why, you need to find yourself another dentist because you’re risking your life for your teeth.

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Peanuts great pumpkin believer since 1966 Charles M.Schulz shirt

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Turns out that non-smokers have a significantly lower incidence of cancer than smokers. Should be a no-brainer. But how informed is your dentist when it comes to prescribing a plant based diet? To have truly great oral health, looks like your overall health needs to be great as well, and overall health begins with a great diet. And where does this dietary saturated fat come from nowadays? Basically from dairy, donuts, and chicken in America. If you’re an India (Quora has a lot of Indian readers), it’s coming from all that paneer, ghee, cheese, butter, chicken, and lassi you’re drinking. There is convincing evidence, collectively from human intervention studies, epidemiological studies, animal studies and experimental studies, for an association between the amount and frequency of free sugars intake and dental caries. Although other fermentable carbohydrates may not be totally blameless, epidemiological studies show that consumption of starchy staple foods and fresh fruit are associated with low levels of dental caries. I worked for an organization that provided respite care for the parents or primary caregivers of children with special needs. Respite camp was a great way for parents to look forward to a monthly weekend together while knowing their children were in the hands of certified special needs caregivers. Although we were volunteers, the staff to camper ratio was great (it was dependent on the needs of the camper, sometimes it was one staff member for two campers and in some cases two staff members for one camper). Anyhow, this particular night, spirits were high because it was Halloween respite camp and the smiles and laughter were contagious. I was dressed as a cat with cat paw mittens, ears, tail, face with whiskers, and black sweats, and I was sitting with a quiet teenage girl with autism who was dressed as a punk pumpkin and another girl dressed as a witch on a broom. Her wheelchair was cleverly shrouded with a cloud.