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The formula becomes fully activated before your very eyes (something I personally find to be very satisfying). With the Warm wishes dumpster fire 2020 shirt and I will buy this push of a sleek silver button, the two separate chambers—one housing the brand’s iconic golden-colored caviar beads, the other a milky-textured serum—mix together. And thanks to the very thoughtful packaging, you can watch the beads emulsify into the serum via the see-through window (which, IMO, more products should really make use of because it also lets you know when you’re running low). Superficial, but important nonetheless, is how a product smells. Personally, I don’t like anything too perfume-y or overpowering, but I also want to smell something. This formula ticks both boxes. It’s slightly floral at first pump but then quickly sinks into the skin, leaving behind a barely-there, clean scent. Take a second to marvel at the golden caviar beads. I don’t use the word iconic lightly, but it certainly applies here. These beads are so closely related to La Prairie’s brand DNA that they have actually inspired La Prairie’s latest commission with artist Cyril Lancelin for this year’s FIAC. Because the mega-exhibition was cancelled due to COVID-19, the artist’s sculptural work will be displayed as a public piece at Le Village Royal in Paris in late October. Tell me the last time you heard about a sculpture dedicated to a skincare product. I’ll wa

Warm wishes dumpster fire 2020 shirt

I’m 29, an age that means essentially nothing. It’s not 30, a symbolic-but-still-arbitrary marker of age, progress, and a little bit of wisdom. It’s just the Warm wishes dumpster fire 2020 shirt and I will buy this last year of my late 20s, a time historically defined by turbulent change and unhappiness. The Harvard Business Review summed up this long list of reasons in a piece entitled “Why Your Late Twenties is The Worst Time of Your Life. And so, in my dreams, I’m over 50. There, I live like the women I so admire—the Padma Lakshmis and Halle Berrys, the JLos and Jane Fondas and Martha Stewarts, the Tina Knowles and Michelle Obamas of the world. They know who they are, what they like, and how to navigate their lives. In my eyes, they’re happy.In the midst of a pandemic, I’m searching for any strain of positivity I can apply to my life as I reckon with who I am, who I want to become, and shift my focus and purpose. Society looks to celebrity women for so many things: I want “the Rachel” or “Here’s What She Eats in a Day.” It’s a condition of surviving the public eye that what you look like and who you’re dating are usually far more important than who you are and who you want to become.

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