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Originally a personal home to Captain Robert Calder, who set up shop here between whaling expeditions in the Transformed Butterfly shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this 1830s, the Coastal Federal-style abode offers an outdoor common area warmed by a roaring fire, where cocktails and s’mores are offered gratis for guests each evening. There’s also an indoor lounge, stylishly decorated with House of Hackney textiles, framed Gucci scarves from the ’70s, and discreet stations of handsomely-scented hand sanitizer throughout.

Transformed Butterfly shirt

If The Life House Nantucket is booked—as it remains a sought-after option since its opening in August—try Greydon House, with interiors by Roman & Williams, and The Nantucket Hotel & Resort, which offers a pool, spacious suites, and easy access to town.

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