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Having been imaginatively stalled by the Southern Republican Shirt besides I will buy this enormity of the pandemic, the designers’ ideas—helped by spending so much time as a family—started to flow organically. Fortunately, they’d already started upcycling deadstock materials, tentatively gauging buyers’ reactions, for spring 2020. A year on the experiment had turned into a necessity. “Nobody could buy new fabrics when the mills were shut, anyway. So everything was made only with fabrics we had left over from other seasons, and things we’d tried but never got around to using,” says Thornton. “The whole collection was made in the studio with just one pattern-cutter, a machinist, one member of staff, us, and the kids.”

Southern Republican Shirt

The key to reconciling the Southern Republican Shirt besides I will buy this patchworking of disparate fabrics with a meaningful concept came one summer morning when Thornton was scrolling through Instagram. He was arrested by an image of a glass jar containing smashed fragments of blue-and-white porcelain by Bouke de Vries, part of a series on ceramic artists’ work the Saatchi Gallery was posting. Bregazzi smiles ruefully. “It was the title that got me—In Pieces but Holding It Together—because that’s exactly how I was feeling.”

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