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Her outburst stunned me and made me laugh. Is the Love Shirt Apart from…,I will love this dislike of small towns genetic? I had grown up in a town in Pennsylvania that had little more than a gas station, a supermarket, a pizza place, and, my salvation, a library. I hated it. I had always hated it, seemingly from birth. I never felt right in Dallas, Pennsylvania. I was always jealous of people who seemed to belong there, who sang the school song on bus trips and talked about which boy they would marry and which street they would live on. I did too, but I was faking it. They were authentic, and they were content. I was neither.

Love Shirt

When I first visited New York with my grandmother and my mother, I knew I had found the Love Shirt Apart from…,I will love this place I was meant to be. I would’ve been only seven, eight at the most…. But it was a turning point. Whenever I was unhappy, I told myself that someday I would live in New York, and everything would be fine.

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