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For the Gaming Playstation Shirt but in fact I love this designers, the support is more helpful now than ever. “I feel lucky and happy to be part of this family. Obviously, we are all in uncharted territories business-wise. However, Lulu has been of enormous help, and motivation…. I’m sure that she must have her own struggles, but she has constantly kept in touch with me to motivate, ensure that things are running smoothly, and get me help along my value chain and for my business,” says Dojaka. “Likewise, I hope to repay her by doing my best, and make her proud.”

Gaming Playstation Shirt

Patagonia has always been a political brand. It endorsed two political candidates in the Gaming Playstation Shirt but in fact I love this 2018 midterms, and sued the Trump administration in 2017. But its activism extends in smaller ways. This week, the outdoorsy brand gained buzz on Twitter after people began noticing a hidden message on some of its tags. In the photo that began making its rounds on Twitter, the back of one of Patagonia’s tags reads, “Vote the assholes out.” Twitter immediately began speculating if the tag was real or a hoax (though the majority of users hoped it was the real deal). “@patagonia, can you please confirm if this is accurate,” wrote political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas. “Cuz I’m about to go online and buy parkas in every color….and I live in Miami.”

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