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I have Peace Love Assist Doctors shirt worked with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières, “Doctors Without Borders” in French) for two years, although not as a medical staff. There are three basic types of MSF Volunteers falling into: health, logistics and administration  finance. I worked on the administrative side to hire, manage and pay the staff that the medical team needed to operate; and sponsor all logistics team needs. Working for MSF, as with any job, is a mixed bag.

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Peace Love Assist Doctors tank top

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It is also extremely rewarding and extremely frustrating at the Peace Love Assist Doctors shirt same time. There are five different “tables” that run MSF missions: Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. [All other countries belonging to one of the five – ex. US and Japanese offices are part of the French desk.] As you can imagine, each table is operated completely different from the other tables in hiring  training practice, working philosophy  group, etc. so my experience with the French table is completely different from the Belgians.

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