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So what you do is to tell your broker to make a series of stock purchases or sales, and you must do this *before* you come into possession of inside information. Now once you have insider information, you just cancel sales that you don’t like. This is legal because, it’s illegal to trade with insider information but it’s not illegal to cancel an order based on insider information. The other thing about politics is that it does not lend itself to inside information stock trading. For example, there are some congressmen that are friendly to the securities industry and you can rely on them to support any bills that are nice to banks. However 1) that’s not inside information and 2) the bills that they support are nice to banks in general. Except for some unusual situations (i.e. there is a particular bank in one state), the bills which they support are not favorable to a *particular* bank. This is part of the political game. You have say a group of large banks. They want Congress to pass laws that are favorable to banks in general. They do not want Congress to pass laws that are favorable to a *particular bank* because at that point, you end up in a bidding war or you end up with divide and conquer tactics. I went through various stages of grief as I witnessed the seemingly impossible happen: the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America. I mean Donald Trump? Who is this guy Trump? These two questions crawled, wiggled, and slithered their way into my brain like a malignant tumor, as I experiened this Televison creation do anything, say anything, be anything to secure the votes he needed to have a stab at an Electoral College Victory. I initially thought, after Trump “announced” his candidacy for President with the meanest attack upon a class of people ever uttered in US politics, that this was a stunt. I mean how can a person seriously running for President verbally attack a whole nation of people: Mexicans. He brandished all Mexicans, not just those seeking to immigrate here, as “murders rapist, thieves”, not to mention pedofiles. Trump did concede that “some” Mexicans were OK, or words to that effect.

Peace hippie girl assuming I_m just an old lady was your first mistake shirt

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Trump’s actions throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign was focused on gaining the electoral support of large segment of the US population who were fed up with politics as usual. Trump presented himself as the Real Deal a non-politician who was going to change Washington from its roach infested floor all the way up to its decadent penthouses. No doubt, Trump hit a nerve, but he was not sincere. Trump wanted the Presidency only to satisfy his need for adoration, glory, and to fill himself with pride. I am, in no way suggesting that Trump’s most ardent supporters are dupes. I believe they perceive themselves as forgotten by both of the dominant political parties. They have good reasons; the flight of heavy manufactoring jobs to foreign nations, the shutting down of coal, and other mines have shaken, if not destroyed, the once vaunted American phenonemon of the “Blue Collar” worker. The “Blue Collar” worker was able to provide their families a middle class life style complete with vacations and higher education for their children. At its height, a “Blue Collar” worker was certain their children were bound to succeed in life enjoying a better life than their parents had. That idea no longer exists. Trump has no desire, motivation, interest, or capacity to deliver any relief for these forgotten Ameeicans. Look at his history; where, in his life, has Trump ever took on the cause of the working people. On the contrary, as a true capatalist, Trump has exploited the working class, as much as any other in his economic class. Trump was not radicalized, or well educated for that matter during his University years.