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Imagine, if you will, all the feelings you have for your favorite Diptyque candle—Bais, for fruity-floral fans, or Feau de Bois if you’re more of a woodsy type; that is a feeling I recently experienced upon first spritz of the brand’s new Multi-Surface Cleaner, a lavender, cedar wood, and fig-tree multitasker spiked with vinegar to effectively degrease and de-gunk your walls, countertops, tiles and crisper drawers. The orange blossom-tinged Dishwashing Liquid is similarly exciting (yes, exciting), offering a subtly-scented foaming action while doubling as a discreet design object. Housed in refillable amber glass bottles, the cleansing duo is joined by a leather and woodcare polishing lotion with beeswax, a reusable cedar wood and lavender-scented oval that can be hung with wool and delicate clothing, and an ingenious odor-absorbing candle that replaces unwanted smells with wafts of fresh basil, mint, and crushed tomato leaves.

Nice With A Touch Of Naughty Funny Christmas Shirt

“These are products that are effective, smell great, and are good for you,” Valadez continues of the launch’s nod to sustainability, which prioritizes Ecocert-approved ingredients, biodegradable formulas, and $28 recyclable refills that might just make deciding who washes the dishes a lot less contentious. With early-aughts beauty everywhere, leave it to hairstylist Kahh Spence and Ella Mai to recreate an iconic 2006 look: Beyoncé’s B’Day album updo. “It’s such a trendy hairstyle right now,” Spence says. “I feel like everyone is attempting to do, but not doing it right.”

Nice With A Touch Of Naughty Funny Christmas Shirt Hoodie

Mai and Spence started working together in 2017, when they met while they were both on tour with Kehlani. “Background story: I didn’t have a hairstylist back then, I was doing my hair myself which was a terrible idea, but you know you make it work when you have to,” explains the British singer. Her tour manager asked Spence if her could style her hair for the show, and they’ve collaborated ever since. Spence starts this style by coating Mai’s tresses with an OGX primer cream, then sections her hair before blowdrying with Dyson’s Supersonic and a flat brush to avoid tangles. Then, he flat-irons in three sections to keep some texture in the hair.

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