Onemore Shirt – Gerald Off Off Christmas Sweatshirt

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo might have been postponed, but the 2132 Olympics are powering on—at least in Thom Browne’s universe. The designer took his spring 2021 men’s and women’s collections to an imagined sporting event on the moon, cloaking models in various shades of hopeful white and casting actual Olympians Race Imboden, Kendall Baisden, and Steele Johnson in his look book and film. The message, Browne says, is one of hopefulness for a united future: “The world will always need creativity,” he says—and few do it as imaginatively as Browne. “I like to create something that people haven’t heard of or haven’t seen before.” So what can we expect from his Givenchy? “When I think of Givenchy, elegance and sophistication come to mind,” Williams says, “and a really strong connection to Paris, Hubert’s connection to Hollywood and Audrey Hepburn, this elegance and class that has always really been exuded in his work and the brand’s history.” He continues: “Craftsmanship is one of the most beautiful things about making clothing. I want to make clothing that has emotions and soul and feels like it’s been touched by the human hand, not that it’s been spit out by a machine or a computer or something like that. I want these pieces to feel like they’ve been worked.”

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