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Before I left the house, there were three clear warning signs—one after another in a short time interval. I still ignored every single one of those. First, a water bottle I was carrying in one of my hands slipped my hand abruptly. It happened as if someone pulled it out of my hand forcefully. Second, the return package I was holding in the other hand, fell a similar way after a few minutes. It felt the same as the first. I started noticing this strange pattern. I still wanted to go out. And BAM! There was a loud bang on the door. When I opened the door, a package was just delivered to us, and the delivery person was walking away from our door. Something was not feeling right to me. Something was trying to tell us not to go out. I told my wife to wait for 10 minutes before we walk out. After 15-20 minutes, we made our first stop to return the package. After getting back into the car, I told my wife that there is a change in the plan. We are going to a nearby lake to spend the evening instead of just driving around.

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After reaching the lake, we got excited to see the rental boats were in action after a long lock-down period. We wanted to try one of those pedal boats and got one on rental. There were no warning boards about pregnant ladies being on the boat, so we assumed we were allowed. Got in our assigned boat, the watcher gave us each a life jack and explained do’s and don’ts while pedaling the boat. We rode for an hour and returning to the dock. Everything was normal until this point. My wife was the first to get down of the boat after reaching the dock. It appeared that she had the foot set on the ramp firmly, but due to the floor’s wetness and the wrong type of the shoe she was wearing at that time, her leg slipped, and she fell back directly into the boat with her back first. We both were shocked. We both climbed out of the boat with the help of the watcher. We were in a state of shock until we reached home because of my pregnant wife’s fall. We were in a dilemma about whether to go to the hospital to quickly check her body to ensure she and the baby are okay and later decided not to go to the hospital as we had our next scheduled appointment in two days. There was no immediate pain.

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