Official St. Patrick’s Day Barry Wood Leprechaun shirt

At the time, my dream job had always been to be a St. Patrick’s Day Barry Wood Leprechaun shirt so I stated strongly that that was what I wanted to do. They then tried to talk me out of it and tell me that I should go for something more along the lines of a vet tech and I stated that that was not something I wanted to do. The conversation started to go from telling me I wouldn’t be able to be a full vet because of my math skills, to telling me that university would not work for me because my family is not financially strong enough to send me there (yes my family wasn’t rich but you don’t talk like that to a teen about there family). They started to explain that if I went, my family would be severely broke and I would have to spend years trying to dig myself and them out of that burden i put on them. That shattered me. How could the same teachers who tell us to not allow someone to say u can’t, tell me I can’t? My thought was if they say I can’t then why bother because it must be true. My mother was furious and went straight to the school the next day and lost it.St. Patrick's Day Barry Wood Leprechaun shirt

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After that the teachers never tried to talk me out of something that I wanted to do. However for me at the time what they had already said stuck with me hard and I made the big mistake of letting it get to me to the point where I didnt even try to continue off to university or college. I just had no real drive after that. Needless to say though it wasn’t all bad, I landed the job I have now as a supervisor at a factory. They taught me there that i was better then i thought i was and when i didnt see it they did. I now see that i am capable of more then just gl work. Never did i think i would be the one leading an entire crew on my own and motivating everyone to do their best and do better every day

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