Not all superheroes wear capes Doctor Nurse Covid 19 shirt

Same goes for water, electricity and the base material that is needed to make the masks in question. And that selfish arrogant way of thinking is why the US will really struggle with this pandemic. When we need them in the USA, and 3M is a US company, America comes first. I suppose you would still like Canada to ship the material to the states, right. I think we all know it’s a typo there shouldn’t be one in such a short headline though. Sometimes reading the news I will see a typo, but I don’t freak out about it Again, they are also human beings who are allowed to make mistakes. He stopped a shipment in Thailand that was headed for Berlin and ordered all masks made in Singapore headed for South Asia sent here. It’s obvious that Canada and the rest of the world do not care about Americans. Oh and obviously none of you read the article cuz he didn’t say stop all exports he said to prioritize us orders We love our Canadian neighbors, but desperately need supplies.

Its an aussie word like bud or pal that Americans often use, and you are right we are not good, please hurry up with your wall so all you idiots can stay inside and stop exporting stupidity. Good luck, hopefully we all come out of this OK and can continue a reasonable argument when some form of normality returnsActually, I was attacking you because you were attacking my country. For an American to complain about people saying unkind things about their country is hypocritical.

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Maybe Canada should start producing its own masks with the materials it has instead of selling the material to the US, and the US can start regretting stabbing in the back their best ally. I guess that wouldn’t be a problem if the actual materials needed to make the masks werent supplied by Canada in the first place. They are now cause the number has went down and they’ve enough for their people. Trump himself is the biggest supplier of anti trump propaganda every time he opens his mouth. Now, HCW are competing for masks against those who had not worn masks before. Maybe this us why the narrative was to diminish Chinese efforts so that they can push their America first agenda.

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