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that. That video is real and yet somehow no one seems to have noticed. Krystle Matthews is not on the front page of The New York Times this morning. There was no Justice Department investigation into her. That’s weird and everyone knows it’s weird, but it’s hardly the only shocking news story that’s not being covered as a news story. Also missing from mainstream coverage is this video from Memphis of young criminal promising to murder White people because of their skin color. MAN: He already shot a White old man. I’m fixin’ to shoot a White old lady while her grandkids are in the car So, that video was recorded just a day after the rampage, the murder rampage in the same city Memphis, committed by a felon called Ezekiel Kelly. Ezekiel Kelly, like so many people who’ve committed murder recently, was let out of jail early. but no one in charge in the Democratic Party in Memphis even bothered by that. In fact, while he was killing people, a state representative in Tennessee, a Democrat called Antonio Parkinson, complained that the real problem was police might hurt Ezekiel Kelly. That was his main concern. “This is unbelievable. Ezekiel Kelly will probably be killed tonight at the hands of police. We are losing our children,” he wrote. Really? That’s your concern? So, in all three of these stories, we’ve just reminded you of the bodega owner in New York, Krystle Matthews in South Carolina, the anti-White violence in Memphis, no one’s noticing. Joe Biden’s DOJ is standing back and doing nothing. In other words, they’re allowing violent race hate to flourish in the United States at the same time they are telling you White supremacy is the biggest threat we face. This is terrifying on many levels, but above all, once again, it is an attack not on any specific ethnic group, but on a principle

Official The good liars let's fuck brandon T-shirt

Black bodega owner had been arrested for stabbing a Dominican attacker? Obviously not. No one said it, but everyone saw it and everyone understood the unfairness of that, including Hispanic voters. Why would they like it? If they wanted to live in a deeply unfair society, they would have stayed in the countries their ancestors came from, but they came here because it’s a fair society. That’s the main appeal of America, not a robust economy, but the fact that we’re all equal under the law. That’s the one thing other countries don’t have and we do or did. So, there’s a double standard and everyone sees it and it’s not just the level of bodega owners, it goes to the very top of the Democratic Party, to its top candidates. In South Carolina, for example, Democrats have nominated a Senate candidate, U.S. Senate, called Krystle Matthews. Krystle Matthews was caught on tape recently by James O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas, openly advocating for punishing people because they’re the wrong skin color. Not exaggerating. Here’s the tape. MATTHEWS: My district is slightly Republican and it’s heavily White. I’m no stranger to White people, I’m from a mostly White town and let me tell you one thing: You oughta know who you’re dealing with, like, you gotta treat them like s—, I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. BIDEN TO ADDRESS DNC RECEPTION FOLLOWING BACKLASH OVER ‘MAGA REPUBLICAN’ RHETORIC ABOUT MIDTERM ELECTIONS Video Got to hurt White people or they won’t respect you. She said

Official The good liars let's fuck brandon T-s Hoodie

super bright, is that Hispanic voters don’t want violent lunatics in their neighborhoods either. They’re not into beheading people. Who knew? There’s one other factor that may be moving this large and centrally important group of voters to the right. People whose families have immigrated from the third world may be more sensitive than most to the importance of the rule of law. The rule of law is the one thing that America has always had that the rest of world has not. That’s why people come here and most immigrants consider it important still. Liberals do not consider it important. They’re working to end it. Equal protection under the law is disappearing. HUNTER BIDEN SAID HE WOULD BE ‘HAPPY’ TO INTRODUCE BUSINESS ASSOCIATES TO TOP CCP OFFICIAL At every level of American life, Liberals apply an obvious double standard and that double standard is based on race. That would be matters of education and employment, obviously, but also matters of law enforcement and criminal justice. Liberals put up with certain behavior from some people that they would never accept in other people. That is the definition of unfairness, but you see it every single day. Remember the arrest of that Dominican bodega owner in New York, the guy who was violently assaulted by a man whose girlfriend tried to rob the store? The bodega owner tried to defend himself, and he stabbed his attacker, as most people would. Authorities in New York charged that man with murder and sentenced to jail and everyone could tell this was a double standard. Would an elderly

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