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both at home and overseas. It was again due to many factors, but it was primarily down to that same attribute: will. It’s gone, folks. As a city – as a nation – we appear to have lost that will. We’ve forgotten not just the horror of the attacks, but of how hard-won public safety is. In the name of feckless, infantile policies hectored into existence by a vocal few, our leaders everywhere seem content to let it all fall apart. Taking the nation’s prospects and prosperity with it. On this 21st anniversary of 9/11, America has never felt so vulnerable. SISTER OF 9/11 PILOT WHO DIED WHEN HIJACKERS CRASHED PLANE INTO PENTAGON REMEMBERS PATRIOTIC, ‘HERO’ BROTHER Let’s start locally. In our cities, crime is rising everywhere. It’s not just New York, with its disastrous “bail reform.” A fetishistic national competition has developed in excuse-making. In California, the state legislature just sent a bill to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk that would deny the use of rap lyrics in criminal prosecutions. (Meanwhile, storeowners in San Francisco have threatened to withhold taxes if something isn’t done to clean things up. In San Francisco!) In St. Louis, the DA recently said she was too busy to prosecute the killer of a retired cop. Portland, Chicago, L.A, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle, Memphis, New Orleans… they’re all trending strongly more dangerous. Trending towards unlivable. Unsurprisingly, police are retiring in droves, and recruitment is below replacement levels. Fewer cops, fewer jail beds, activist prosecutors and judges, a fearful populace… these are not right-wing talking points or barroom cop gripes. These are facts. America is losing its cities,

Official My life is worth fighting for T-shirt

our crown jewels of culture, commerce, and opportunity. Video The same lack of will is evident on the counterterrorism front. The Biden administration trumpeted the Afghanistan pullout as a success. Tell that to the 13 U.S. soldiers and 170 Afghans killed during that slipshod operation (deaths that, according to recent reporting, a simple effort at government coordination could’ve prevented). Our Afghan facilitators – in some cases, U.S. citizens – are either still stuck in-country or in internment camps around the world. What ally will trust us going forward? Afghanistan is again a terrorist haven. Of course Zawahiri’s death is a welcome event. But the fact that he was in Kabul, as a guest of the Taliban, tells us all we need to know about conditions there. As a colleague of mine once said: “The further we get from 9/11, the closer we get to 9/10.” Exactly. Afghanistan is returning to its condition on 9/10/01. This time, strengthened with billions in U.S. materiel. FILE – Ground Zero (Getty Images) At home, there is our border. That terrorist entities have crossed there is undeniable. The 9/11 hijackers had to scheme their way into the country. We are potentially inviting the next group of terrorists in – and handing them mobile phones and hotel vouchers. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER Iran is the one nation on earth that is both sanctioned as a terrorist state and that either has or is close to having the bomb. They’re also the only nation

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mused, would have to give. No way the NYPD could do it all. TUNNEL TO TOWERS’ FRANK SILLER RIPS LACK OF 9/11 EDUCATION IN US SCHOOLS: ‘IT’S APPALLING’ But a funny thing happened: it did. While the NYPD laser-focused on this new mandate, crime somehow kept dropping. It was a triumph of management, leadership, and hard work by the troops. But really, it came down to a single word: will. The leaders in NYC evinced the iron determination to make sure New York City did not have another 9/11 – and did not slide back to 1990. We could do both. Too much blood had been spilled. FILE – Aug. 16, 2021: NYPD officer Michael Dougherty, a 25-year veteran, second from right, patrols with his colleagues beside the south reflecting pool of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum where names of his deceased colleagues and friends are displayed. (AP Photo/John Minchillo) Working as I did for the police commissioner for a time, and then for 15 years in intelligence, I saw this ebb and flow firsthand. As the New York papers initially trumpeted the signs of the inevitable return to the “bad old days,” the realization gradually took hold that things could go on – our city could keep getting better. The result, as we’ve heard so often, was “the safest big city in America.” After the worst domestic attack in U.S. history! That’s not B.S. fake movie toughness. That’s true toughness. Video There was the national version of all this, too. Despite their attempts, terrorists were unable to duplicate anything near to 9/11. The large, unwieldy federal counterterrorism apparatus found its footing, and the “new era of terrorism” we all expected was held off,

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