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in this video is a carjacking in progress. Police say two male suspects walk up to a man sitting in this white Lexus, open the car door and force him out at gunpoint. The victim walks away as the carjackers pull off. INGRED KELLY, WJBK REPORTER: His name is Michael Brown. He’s around 15 or 16 and he’s identified as the suspect driver of the stolen SUV. MAN: As you can see, the Yukon roll over the top of the front of our scout car and knocking over one of our officers seen there on the ground to the right of the Yukon. Then the officer had to roll out of the way as the Yukon tilted overtop of our scout car, nearly crushing our police officer. So why is this continuing? It’s been going on for more than two years since George Floyd died in Minneapolis, Memorial Day 2020. Why is it continuing? Why has no one stopped it? Because there’s no one to stop it. Dad is gone. There is no one in charge with a normal testosterone level who’s willing to just say, “Mo, you’re not allowed to do this. I’m sorry. You can’t do that. That’s against the law. This is a country of laws. Nothing personal, we don’t care what you look like. That’s not allowed and if you do, we’re going to spank you hard so you don’t do it again.” In other words, no one has shown up with clear and reasonable rules and enforced them consistently. When that happens, everybody calms down. That’s true in the family, and it’s true in the nation. And if you don’t have that, you have chaos. Armed robbers suddenly have a right to be on your property. Murderers get out without bail. What are we looking at? We’re looking at a war on the population, and it’s time for real change. This is completely intolerable. Tucker Carlson currently serves as the host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Tucker Carlson Tonight (weekdays 8PM/ET). He joined the network in 2009 as a contributor.

Official Boycott dan snyder T-shirt

It should have no crime, but it has a lot now. “Climate change! Equity!” Really? Now we have a lot of carjackings in Asheville. Overall, car thefts went up nearly 20% just last year across the country and they went up in Asheville. So, did this happened by accident. If all the politicians are talking about climate change and equity and life for you gets worse every single year, maybe they’re doing it on purpose. Here’s footage from Wisconsin, Philadelphia and Detroit. SAN FRANCISCO VICTIM’S RAPE KIT USED AS EVIDENCE AGAINST HER YEARS LATER IN UNRELATED CASE: LAWSUIT WITI WAUWATOSA, WI – JUNE REPORTER: The group of three young men wearing sweatshirts appearing to showcase the home. About a minute later, the trio enters the backyard. Police tell us they stole car keys, a cell phone and a wallet and that one of the men was holding a gun. They leave the backyard within 30 seconds as someone from the party follows them out. Then one of the suspects drives off in his black Volkswagen SUV while another runs down the sidewalk. SHAWNETTE WILSON, WTXF REPORTER:: What you see

Official Boycott dan snyder T-s Hoodie

may be to confront the college cartel that benefits from this cash grab. IS BIDEN’S STUDENT DEBT HANDOUT WORTH IT? NOBODY KNOWS After all, the whole of that half-trillion dollars has already been pocketed by colleges and universities, and Biden’s proposals (along with Democratic calls for future forgiveness) will make it easier for college commissars to jack up their prices even higher – in the expectation that taxpayers will pick up much of the bill. It’s time for elected officials to protect taxpayers and stop Biden from triggering even more out-of-control tuition inflation. Video College officials with vast endowments have charged eye-popping tuition and then encouraged students to take out student loans (even as they’ve hoarded their endowment funds to pay for buildings and bureaucracy). These same campus bureaucrats are now quietly cheering as their former students pocket taxpayer-funded refunds. If there are to be refunds, they should come out of those heft endowments. At its most basic, loan forgiveness is a bailout for the college cartel. Policymakers should treat it as such. They should insist that any institution with an endowment of more than $50 million that wishes to remain eligible for student loans or any other federal funding needs to negotiate a plan to start repaying the taxpayer funds “forgiven” to its former students. BIDEN’S STUDENT LOAN HANDOUT WILL EXACERBATE EXPLODING COLLEGE COSTS For colleges with endowments over $1 billion, Congress should also adopt a 15% minimum tax on endowment returns (just like Democrats adopted this summer for companies with more than $1 billion in receipts), until these wealthy institutions have repaid taxpayers for their share of forgiveness. This will require modifying the laws governing college endowments; Congress should change those laws. Video Until they’ve fully reimbursed taxpayers for the costs of forgiveness for their former students, all colleges and universities that wish to participate in federal student lending or receive other federal funds should be required to adopt some safeguards designed to ensure this bailout doesn’t simply trigger more spending. Such measures should be modeled on the kinds of

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