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Oh, I have plenty… But let’s go with this one. I was at the Dollar Tree with my boyfriend. He’d never ventured inside one of those magical stores before, and I had just finished leading him through every single aisle, giving him all the details about what’s worth it and what’s not. My boyfriend was in the long line (only one cashier, and everyone was buying a lot), holding an overflowing basket of treasures, very pleased to have learned about this place. I was standing a couple inches behind him, staring at the snacks just in case there was anything good. We were chattering to each other about stuff at home and playfully poking at each other while we waited.

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This was towards the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone was wearing masks and gloves, and though they weren’t officially enforcing the distancing rules yet, most of us were giving each other space just because. This made the line seem longer than it really was. I think it’s important to note here, that I was literally in my pajamas at the time, flip flops on my feet, also holding a few items. It was my day off and the shopping trip was kind of unexpected. Everyone in the line was calmly waiting. Until this 60-ish man shoved his way past everyone and got so close to me that his chin was touching my shoulder. No mask. Spitting in my face as he shouted, “ya know, you really need to move this line! I’m tired of waiting!”.