New York City Jefferson Cleaners

When I was about 11 years old, my mother told us kids to get dressed so we could visit our aunt and uncle. I didn’t want to go and didn’t get dressed. So she got mad and grabbed my ear and pulled me to the car naked. She drove to their house. She pulled me out of the car and to the front door. My aunt and uncle opened the door to let use in. They asked why I was naked. Mom told them I didn’t want to get dressed and visit them. My aunt told my mother that if I was their son, she would beat me with a belt until I couldn’t sit for a week. So my mother borrowed a belt from my uncle and proceeded to beat me. In walked my two female cousins who heard me screaming. They got quite a show watching my mother beat my naked butt and thighs black and blue. My mother then let the aunt beat me for being disrespectful to them. Afterwards I had to stand in the corner. To this day, when I run into my cousins, they always ask while laughing if I can now finally sit down from that beating. Or they pat my butt and ask if it still hurts all these years later. It’s still a big joke to them.

New York City Jefferson Cleaners

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Yes, I was in my wheelchair in a department store. Two little boys, probably 6 and 8 ran around the corner into my wheelchair. The were wrestling each other and pushing me backwards, the mother came around and didn’t acknowledge their rough behavior. I scolded them and told them they needed to be gentle with people in wheelchairs or just older people in general. The mother told me to mind my business. I told her it was my business, I was afraid of being pushed over by her unruly children. The older lady behind me thanked me for saying something since their mother obviously didn’t care to teach them manners and kindness.

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