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She changed even further when she met a nice guy and decided to settle down with him. Everything revolved around her fiance, maybe because she had never had a real boyfriend before. I don’t know. All I knew was that she stopped texting me to hang out and when I texted her, she was always busy. I was invited to the wedding and I went solo as I did not have a date at the time. The bridal side of the wedding party consisted of her sister and her two gay guy friends. One of those friends later told me that they were only in the wedding party because she wanted to make a statement. I had a good time chatting with her family and intended to leave the wedding at about 11 pm to go back to my hotel room. Michelle came up to me at 10:30 and asked if I would drive her and her new husband to their lodging for the night. I’m the kind of person who would never leave a friend high and dry, so I agreed to drive her and her husband to wherever they needed to go. I went out to my car and made sure there was room for extra passengers. Then I went back inside to wait for them.

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Nessa oh back off you could be riddled Christmas shirt

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Michelle didn’t contact me again for months and any texts I sent her were either ignored or rejected. A few months after I started dating my now-husband, we went to visit a different friend and she was there too. She was very rude to my boyfriend. We all knew each other in high school and she scorned him because he was a geek back then. He wasn’t popular. After that, we had little contact and she never offered a ‘congratulations’ when I got engaged. I would’ve thought that she would’ve liked the way he proposed as he used a Harry Potter wand and both Michelle and I had been huge fans of the series. But she said nothing. I saw her once in the springtime before I sent out my invitations. She was helping her grandmother clean up her yard as I was driving by with my fiance. I pulled over. I had a nice chat with her grandmother, but Michelle wouldn’t look me in the eye and shut down any conversation I attempted to have with her. Finally, my fiance urged me to go, so we continued driving to my parents’ place. As we are there, my fiance tells my mom about the exchange.


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