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It all seemed a faraway dream early in the It’s Better here shirt and I love this second set, when Osaka had lost seven of the nine previous games before winning seven of the next eight. Seemingly out of nowhere, Osaka was back in the match, seemingly re-energized and refocused. From that point on, the outcome was rarely—which is not to say never—in question. It was simply a different Osaka we were seeing.

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What turned it around for her? To hear her tell it, it was quite simple. “I just thought it would be very embarrassing to lose this in under an hour,” she said.Osaka was then asked, just before accepting the It’s Better here shirt and I love this trophy, what message she was trying to send by wearing seven different masks, one for each of her seven matches at the Open, displaying the name of a Black American unjustly killed. Her answer was as brief as it was pointed.“What was the message that you got?” Osaka answered back. “The point is to make people start talking.”

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