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Lovecraft soon married writer and amateur publisher Sonia Greene—who, it should be noted, given the Flamingos Pink Pumpkin Halloween Shirt Furthermore, I will do this anti-Semitism often expressed in Lovecraft’s writing, was Jewish (Lovecraft’s overt racism morphed somewhat into more of an elitism that prized anybody devoted to high culture, though his legacy in this regard is enormously complicated). Lovecraft continued to write, publishing widely but to little notice, sales, or acclaim. He did some ghostwriting—Harry Houdini was one client—in an attempt to pay bills.

Flamingos Pink Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

In 1937, Lovecraft died penniless and mostly unknown. But over the Flamingos Pink Pumpkin Halloween Shirt Furthermore, I will do this ensuing decades, in fits and starts, writers and critics began to reevaluate his body of work, and his influence began to grow and grow. In 2005, the Library of America published a volume of his works, and a large body of his writing has given rise to something known as the “Cthulhu Mythos”—an entire worldview encompassing cosmology, ontology, philosophy, religion, the occult, oceanography, space travel, and a whole host of other things. (Warning: Do you know a Lovecraft fan? Never ask them to explain the Cthulhu Mythos to you, unless you’ve got, say, a lifetime to listen carefully.) A host of writers—from Stephen King to William S. Burroughs and Neil Gaiman—have called Lovecraft a dominant influence on their work, as has director Guillermo del Toro. Metallica has recorded several songs based on his writing; there’s an entire genre of gaming based on Lovecraft, most famously World of Warcraft. Prominent satanists claim him as an inspiration.

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