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Thinking back on the Dirt is Cowgirl Glitter shirt Apart from…,I will love this Juicy Couture tracksuit craze is both nostalgic and comical: We really were splurging on a bonafide pajamas with crystals glued onto the derrières. At the time, it was like carrying an Hermès Birkin—only less expensive. You couldn’t pick up a tabloid without seeing one of the signature velour sets in candy colors on the biggest names of the day: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez. But there was something authentic and charming about the trend. Stars seemed to wear them because they loved them, not because they were paid to. “Juicy was before the heyday of stylists,” says Nicky Hilton Rothschild, who, along with her sister Paris, was an early adopter of the tracksuit, and helped it reach an insane level of covetability. “Now, girls are styled in head-to-toe runway looks just to do errands. Girls wore what they wanted because they liked it, and it was comfortable.”

Dirt is Cowgirl Glitter shirt

While remembering the Dirt is Cowgirl Glitter shirt Apart from…,I will love this bright-colored, bedazzled tracksuits may cause you to cringe, you may want to rethink that: the brand is poised for a serious comeback. This week, the tracksuiter to the stars announced that, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, it is relaunching its e-commerce website in November, and launching a slew of exciting new collaborations to go with it. Currently, Juicy is licensed through Authentic Brands Group, which also owns Hervé Leger and Forever 21. This fall and holiday season, Juicy is partnering with NYC Alliance on a new collection of tracksuits, T-shirts, and jumpsuits that will be available on this fall. It’s also collaborating with Apparis on the first-ever faux fur tracksuit, releasing this holiday season.

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