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“We’re in a moment that I didn’t expect to see in my lifetime, and there’s this feeling that we can figure out something different [on climate change],” she says. “As a Black woman, for so much of my life I got told that this is just the 2020 Merry Christmas New shirt Furthermore, I will do this way it is, that the immense amount of suffering you see people in your community going through…‘That’s just the economy. That’s just the way things work. It has to be like this.’ And now we’re realizing that’s not true, that these climate events are the result of deliberate choices and systems that we have built. Now we’re in a place where we have to reduce them and we have a chance to actually ask, What do we want to do? I find that people find that reenergizing.”

2020 Merry Christmas New shirt

It’s difficult to gauge just how strongly a potential Biden administration would prioritize climate change, but there have already been promising signs that the 2020 Merry Christmas New shirt Furthermore, I will do this former vice president would garner support from leading climate activists. Greta Thunberg endorsed Biden in October, and Sunrise Movement cofounder Varshini Prakash serves as an adviser to Biden’s climate task force.

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