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While the Skoden Skaterz shirt What’s more,I will buy this side project started for practical, money-making reasons, it’s now completely rooted in creativity. As she began building a following on Instagram, her pieces became increasingly more bold and playful. “On Instagram, people are drawn to things that are visually striking. Your eye automatically notices something that’s brightly colored or that has a high contrast,” she says. Instagram isn’t the only place where the demand for her work has been noticed and picked up; stars such as Kim Kardashian West, Rosalía, and BbyMutha have all worn her spunky pieces too. “I was not expecting [Kardashian West] at all,” says Porter. “Her team reached out and bought some pieces. Now, I’m getting a lot of sales in L.A.”

Skoden Skaterz shirt

The artist makes everything in her London studio herself, and uses two types of mesh for her garments: tulle mesh, which is see-through, and power mesh, which is stretchier and less transparent. She cuts the Skoden Skaterz shirt What’s more,I will buy this patterns herself, and applies imagery using fabric dye. “Every single one is different, and during the painting process, there’s so much room for happy accidents, like the way the dye spills into other colors,” Porter says. Her feed offers a wide range of prints, from abstract tie-dye turtlenecks to slithery, snake-inspired dresses. Porter says she mostly does custom orders, working with customers to pinpoint color combos and prints. “It’s a good way to remain sustainable. I know that someone’s already buying it and I’m not wasting materials,” the artist says, adding that she averages two to three pieces a week. “Plus, I can make it fit perfectly.”

Skoden Skaterz s Hoodie


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