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Chung was also inspired by the Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt moreover I love this very naked images of the late Helmut Newton, known for his nude imagery and nods to Amazonian women. “That has one thing in common with the fashion world—the whole point of doing something like a Helmut Newton photo shoot is that you’re depicting scenes that are kind of idealized and it’s not realistic,” says Chung. “It’s not trying to be realistic, but it’s trying to portray your state of mind.”

Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt

Chung also draws a comparison between the Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt moreover I love this clothing of Aeon and Trevor Goodchild. Trevor’s varied wardrobe—which ranges from long jackets to suits and even a harness—is an intentional choice on Chung’s part to show that the character’s agenda and intentions are unknown. “Ideally what people wear is going to be a reflection of who they are inside, but I think that a lot of times people do the opposite,” says Chung. “They use clothing to conceal. With Trevor, I want to keep you guessing, and he’s trying to keep you guessing because he has a more varied wardrobe.” But, “with Aeon, she’s not trying to hide anything. When you see her, you see exactly what she’s about, and she’s the opposite of Trevor in that way that she’s not a politician. She doesn’t care what you think.”

Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas s Hoodie


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