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I wish I could say that was the moment I accepted my body in all its worldly glory, but nothing could be further from the truth. I was terrified of being seen the way Dunham was showing herself, so afraid of being perceived that I had ill-remembered, compulsory hetero sex with the lights off and even brought a book into the dorm shower to avoid being alone with my naked body (earning me endless good-natured mocking from my friends, to whom I passed off the habit as a mere ADD quirk). I didn’t want Dunham’s body—early into freshman year of college I’d more or less stopped eating full meals, replacing them with vending-machine candy bars and Pinnacle whipped cream vodka—but I wanted her ability to show it to the world, to capture herself vulnerably for the sake of art without letting the need to be seen as thin come first. I couldn’t seem to get there, and when I was rejected from an Advanced Fiction workshop because the professor felt the story I’d submitted “wasn’t open enough,” it seemed like a confirmation of what I already knew: I was trapped within the boundaries of my body, physically and creatively blocked by my shame.

Kwanbelievable Baseball Shirt

Dunham was far from the first artist to use her body as a canvas—Maria Lassnig, Ana Mendieta, Carolee Schneemann, and many more paved the way for her—but she was the first person I saw onscreen whose naked physical contours reminded me of my own, at least before my dramatic freshman-year weight loss; and while her nude body didn’t instantly transform me, it taught me something about the kind of story I was allowed to tell (even just to myself) about the way I looked.

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Dunham also appeared nude in her Tiny Furniture follow-up, the hit HBO series Girls, enough times to poke fun at herself for it at the 2012 Emmys, and plenty has been written about her propensity for showing her body in her work. Before there were ad campaigns and press junkets and sexist journalistic lines of inquiry into why Dunham felt empowered to do so, though, there was just Aurora on the shower floor, naked and wet-haired and vulnerable, trying to assert what she wanted. I’m not an unreserved Dunham stan; there have been times when the things she’s said made me angry, and times when I just haven’t liked the work she’s put out. That’s okay, though, because I don’t need her to be a hero or a girlboss or a totem of bodily enlightenment; I might have needed her to be all those things when I was 18 and hungry and afraid, but I don’t anymore.

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