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Don’t turn away from your attacker and try to stand up. Looking in the opposite direction, you have no idea if they’re trying to punch, kick or even stab you, so don’t lose the visual on them. It’s natural to curl up into a sort of fetal position in order to block any strikes and that’s not a bad start, but you don’t want to just lay there and let them play soccer on your body.  Nothing I say here is gospel; it’s only my opinion based on the number of hours I have been without sleep or the number of napkins I have to scribble on to determine the answers. A qualified physicist, mathematician or other theoretical scientist should always be consulted before engaging in dangerous activities based upon these treatments. I trained mixed martial arts for years after college to find a competative outlet, so I guess it’s safe to say Ive put in my time getting hit rocked and knocked out and doing the same thing to people who will get up smile and give you a hug after trying to give you brain damage. This one is actually pretty simple.

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You’ll feel a sick feeling that will quickly pass. Multiply that by a hundred and that’s what a solid liver shot feels like. Thus inherent anatomical weakness is why boxers and Thai fighters use their elbow to protect their ribs. It’s the basic stance: hands up, chin down, elbows protecting the ribs. These physical weaknesses are the reasons we have rib cages and why our skulls are thick and round. You’re body is trying to protect itself even if you don’t know how to. When you punch, whether it is a straight punch, uppercut, or a wild haymaker, the important part is to be conscious of the line of action. Ideally you need to make contact with the area between your index and middle finger knuckles. As import as the striking location is the direction of the force.

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