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He told me he was wearing black fingerless gloves which had mmm my favorite silly idiot juice shirt metal ornaments on them. He told me these metal ornaments were barely raised. I had been through the same training we all had at LAPD and I knew that in order to get the metal knuckles charge, they had to be raised and they had to cover the knuckles. The guy was released as his bail provided. I went to the evidence locker and opened the envelope. Not only were these ornaments tiny, they did not cover the knuckles. In fact there were decorative holes exposing the knuckles. I was no longer impressed by at least one member of that “very elite division within the LAPD, one with citywide jurisdiction”. All I can say is that these must be people who don’t have kids themselves. I’ve never seen a participation trophy in my life, and every trophy my kids have ever been given was for winning something. When there is a situation where I think error is more likely, such as when I’m fatigued or task-overloaded, I brief my team: “if you see me about to do something you think is wrong, tell me immediately”. The important thing is not my ego, nor the medical hierarchy: it’s the safety of the patient. So if someone sees me about to do something which looks wrong, I want them to speak up, no matter how junior they are. Sometimes they speak up, and what I’m doing isn’t actually a mistake. In that circumstance I thank them, and then explain why it wasn’t a mistake. Generally speaking, cheese is not something you are supposed to dump on pasta. Whether to add cheese and which cheese to add depends on the pasta recipe you are making.mmm my favorite silly idiot juice shirt

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Fish recipes most commonly don’t call for any cheese, but some do. Also, Parmigiano Reggiano isn’t what you should automatically grab when it comes to cheese: pecorino, ricotta dura, ricotta fresca, cacioricotta, provolone, ricotta affumicata di Sauris, Grana Padano, burrata, caciocavallo, Ragusano are among the many cheeses or dairy products (ricotta isn’t really a cheese) that you may be using in different recipes. She’ll learn to stop communicating her needs and wants because it won’t matter. No one cares what she thinks anyway. She just needs to go limp and accept that the people who love her most will violate her boundaries. When my oldest son was in 2nd grade, he had kind of been friends with these two boys. One of them I babysat after school each day for an hour. One day the boy I babysat held his arms and legs back while the other boy kicked him repeatedly in the testicles. My son got free and scratched the boys, one in the face and one on the back, drawing blood. No yard aid in site at this time. My son was sent to the office when the yard aid finally noticed one of the boys was bleeding and then both boys told her that my son had attacked them. My son was then suspended for a week.

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