Merry Christmas Don’t be a Chicken and Candy shirt 

This is just my opinion. I think that is a big deal. If they’re spending both Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Doria in the United States, I think that’s disrespectful. They should attend an event .. on Christmas Eve or Christmas day with the Harry family, who welcomed MM into their family when she was an actress on the list of unknown C lists. Doria can fly to the UK and nanny Archie at Frogmore.

When we were first introduced to Meghan, during the engagement interview, there was much discussion about Meghan meeting relatives and mothers of Harry, and the Queen’s corgis (who greatly admired her). Everyone admires her. There is a teenage little story about Meghan’s Mom (met) and Father (not seeing each other). They welcomed her with open arms into their families. As Harry said, they were the only family she had.