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The opening-night film is the Tattooholic Shirt in other words I will buy this first installment in the much-anticipated, five-part feature from director Steve McQueen, collectively titled Small Axe. (“If you are the big tree,” a voice croons in Bob Marley’s “Burning,” the trailer’s closing song, “then we are the small axe, coming to chop you down.”) The anthology series depicts London’s West Indian community between 1969 and 1982 and will appear, in its entirety, on Amazon this fall. Initially scheduled for a Cannes debut, the first three films—Lovers Rock, Mangrove, and Red, White and Blue—will premiere, instead, as part of the NYFF. McQueen has been vocal about his desire that these works be considered discrete films—“historical pieces that we need to come to light.”

Tattooholic Shirt

Just 30 minutes long, Pedro Almodóvar’s latest—and his first English-language work!—stretches the Tattooholic Shirt in other words I will buy this parameters of the feature film. But the salivating premise is enough for us: A model-actor (Tilda Swinton) wanders around her apartment, chatting through her AirPods with a former lover. The bite-size melodrama has been called the “distilled essence of both the veteran director and the actress” and “basically porn” for anyone who worships at the Tilda-plus-Pedro altar (and really, who wouldn’t?). Almodóvar has always been a director unafraid of big emotions and super-saturated color—tomato reds, persimmon oranges, blinding blues—and judging from advance glimpses, The Human Voice offers a deep and lush landscape of both interior and exterior life. The film, completed over two weeks this past summer in the midst of the pandemic, may be brief, but it looks primed to satiate a particular hunger.

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