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This quarantine has made us see what we’re made out of, physically, spiritually, emotionally, economically,” Majors says as he bites into another pretzel. “But you have to continue to create and stay open.” After finishing work in Santa Fe, he looks forward to eventually returning to New York, a city Majors loves, where he has had street fights, park strolls, and brokenhearted nights. “I’m a drifter,” he says. “I go where the Wu tang Baltimore Ravens shirt but in fact I love this wind blows.”

Wu tang Baltimore Ravens shirt

First it was COVID, then it was protests against police violence, then it was tackling distance-learning (even without kids I was feeling parents’ stress), and now the Wu tang Baltimore Ravens shirt but in fact I love this world actually is on fire. Northern California has been ablaze since rogue dry lightning storms, caused by climate change, ignited wildfires in August. Last Tuesday, smoke from an inferno in Mendocino turned the sky in the Bay Area, about 150 miles south, a cloudy, ominous red that lasted until afternoon. “What’s next?” friends texted incredulously. I begged them not to ask.

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