Lupincatstore – Skoden Skaterz shirt

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Forget the Skoden Skaterz shirt and I will buy this frills of lace and sequins and take a cue from the clean lines of Khaite’s designs. Vogue’s Senior Fashion News Writer Emily Farra said it best in her review of Khaite’s latest collection pictured above: “When we can’t predict tomorrow’s headlines, there’s a comfort in buying something you can see yourself wearing and loving 10 or 20 years from now.” Brandon Maxwell’s classic dress also makes for a smart choice, especially when paired with Loewe’s timeless trainers.

Skoden Skaterz shirt

A touch of whimsy is a welcome twist to a civil ceremony. No one does playful comfort better than Batsheva: The brand’s founder, Batsheva Hay, understands exactly how women want to dress right now. “Be comfortable. Wear something not too expensive, but that feels elevated,” Hay told Vogue’s Fashion News and Emerging Platforms Editor Steff Yotka. Finish off the Skoden Skaterz shirt and I will buy this look with high-top sneakers for added cool-girl comfort.

Skoden Skaterz s Hoodie

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