Lupincatstore – Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt

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It will take time for Marilyn to introduce those regenerative fibers in her collection, but her customers have a lot to be excited about today. She’s also introducing a timely Somewhere Sport line of organic cotton sweatshirts, joggers, and track shorts, and has extended her entire collection’s size range from U.K. 6 to 20, including the Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt and by the same token and blazers and leggings she launched last year.

Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt

For those lucky enough to be in New Zealand (for more reasons than one!), the Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas shirt and by the same token and full collection is available in Marilyn’s first store in Auckland’s Newmarket neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t your average shop: She calls it a “home,” not a store, and her employees are “change makers” who have been trained in the brand’s rigorous sustainability practices so they can have meaningful conversations with customers. “This year just made me think, If not now, then when?” Marilyn adds. “It’s time to be brave, and for young and established brands to begin breaking down the old model, and to do what works for them. And ultimately bring our customers further and deeper on this path with us.”

Merry Grinchmas #Housekeeper Christmas s Hoodie

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