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This past week, the Dachshunds Pumpkin Halloween shirt Additionally,I will love this 46th annual Deauville American Film Festival occurred in France. The event kicked off during the same week as the Venice Film Festival in Italy, and both events saw returns to physical, in-person red carpets. While the Venice festival drew the bigger names of the two festivals—A-list celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton made appearances on its step and repeats—the Deauville festivities saw one particular style star steal the show. That would be French musician, model, and actor Vanessa Paradis, who brought glamorous and understated looks to the affair.

Dachshunds Pumpkin Halloween shirt

Paradis, who was a jury president for the Dachshunds Pumpkin Halloween shirt Additionally,I will love this Deauville festival this year, played up her signature French girl style for the event, crafting looks that were simultaneously timeless and modern. As an ongoing face for Chanel, Paradis wore multiple looks by the French label for the occasion, all designed by its current creative director, Virginie Viard. For the opening ceremony on September 4, Paradis kicked off her slew of winning looks with a silk, watercolor-style Chanel dress with a feathered trim from its pre-fall 2020 collection, which opened the festival on a dazzling, energetic note. At a screening for Les Deux Alfred later on September 6, a film in which she stars, she then stripped things back with a sleek, more menswear-inspired black suit and a high-neckline blouse in white lace.

Dachshunds Pumpkin Halloween s Hoodie