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Parents have many challenges when raising a person who will be able to make their way in the Lungs Dr Pepper keeps me alive shirt, form relationships, be financially stable and physically and mentally adaptable and fulfilled. Parents are not alone in the task of preparing children for life. Yes, some can really break a kids spirit sometimes, but others can buoy them to meet goals which allow them to be successful. Some parents like to think that they are all-powerful but they generally will not ruin a kid for life. I despise getting gifts. It’s never anything I want, if I wanted it, I already got it, if I didn’t get it it’s because we can’t afford it, and if we can’t afford it I don’t want someone else to make the decision to spend that money and break our budget.


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So here’s the big Lungs Dr Pepper keeps me alive shirt. I open gifts, and react to them, and keep them, and use them, not because I want them or enjoy them but because, see if you can follow me here, one of the best things about the Holiday Season is the joy of giving gifts to others. So one of the best gifts I can give to you is to accept your gift, as gracefully as I can manage. But there is one thing, insignificant, that gives me pleasure, yet may not be that common. I can move the fingers of my left hand from left to right independently from each other and in any combination. I’ve tried to will the fingers of my right hand to do the same, but I haven’t succeeded. There is, however, one, extremely complicated, thing I am better at than anyone else in the world.


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