LSU Tigers one nation under god shirt

We searched for it but never found it. I ordered it for and had it delivered to her house. She was so happy and grateful. I have a $3.00 thinking of you card ready to mail out to her as soon as I get by the post office. She loves getting cards. What your boyfriend needs to lize is that telling someone you love them is great. But the act of getting and giving them a gift shows you love them. I don’t know what his financial situation is, but even if he has it hard financially, he could get you something special without having to miss paying the rent. He should do this everyone once in a while without it being a special occasion. Then on your birthday or anniversary, he should go all out. I hope you get things worked out. If he won’t listen to you, try explaining how you feel to someone he will listen to. Ask them to mention it to him.