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Save-the-Planet? Uh, how exactly? – Water bottles are sold by the caseloads. Buy a pack of gum at Target, and they put it in a plastic bag. Buy a cart load, and they’ve easily bagged it into 20 separate bags for you to toss as soon as you get home. Moms sit in running SUVs for 45 minutes waiting for their child to finish school. But, we can stop using straws just like that to save the turtles.

Fakeness – Americans are known for being loud, overly happy and eager to strike up conversations with complete strangers. However, you never know where you stand, because they generally hide behind a facade. When it comes to politics or religion however, social media is used to belittle anyone and everyone who thinks differently. And, it seems you can’t be friends and yet disagree. If you don’t agree with where the neighbors place their trashcans, heaven forbid, you can’t be their friend either. Busyness – Americans run themselves into the ground. They work crazy hours with little vacation time and instill this in their kids from an early age by running them constantly from one activity to the next. And if they can’t be engaged in a group activity, something is bought to pacify their attention. Phones are used constantly at the table, usually as a means of entertainment. No one knows how to disconnect from the busyness to truly be present in the moment.

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Love In Russian Cyrillic Word Liubov Text T-s sweatshirt

I think you have to give it a year. Unless you’re wealthy, it’s a brutal city to move to, but ultimately, for many of us, a super-fun place to live. For me, it’s home and I can’t imagine leaving. However, I nearly had a nervous breakdown my first year here, as did my wife. And, in my work, I often collaborate with newcomers. It often takes them a year to get the hang of things. I saved up a “lot” of money before moving here, only to see it drain away almost instantly. Every day, I was terrified I’d be homeless. That was because I was still living on my pre-NYC money. Yes, it’s expensive here, but it’s less so, once you start earning an NYC paycheck. Salaries here tend to be adjusted for the cost of living here.

Money isn’t the only stressor. NYC is fast-paced, confusing, and it doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Ultimately, if you wind up staying, you’ll probably grow to love these properties. You’ll toughen up and develop a fierce pride in your city and its inhabitants. But it’s hard that first year. Once, when a young person I was working with was clearly stressed and struggling, wondering if she was going to make it, I asked for a show of hands. “How many of you had or almost had nervous breakdowns your first year here?” Almost every hand went up. Then I asked how many loved it here, now. Again, it was unanimous.

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