Love For the of Ice Skating shirt

That’s certainly an improvement on the Love For the of Ice Skating shirt in addition I really love this pre-pandemic model of designing four to six collections per year, often with exclusive capsules in between. But bumping delivery windows and scaling back collections doesn’t go far enough, at least in terms of fashion’s carbon footprint. New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn was an early advocate of change to the wholesale model and voiced her frustrations long before the pandemic. For one, many of her retail partners were unwilling or unable to share adequate information about her clothes, which are made using organic and recycled materials, and Marilyn found that buyers were constantly asking her to create additional styles, colors, or options. When asked if the wholesale model itself was inhibiting designers from being truly sustainable—or at least making it incredibly difficult—Marilyn’s response was unflinching: “Absolutely.”

Love For the of Ice Skating shirt

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