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If you ever played with Sculpey as a kid, this one should feel familiar. But this time, instead of animal figurines and Christmas ornaments, try your hand at something more elevated like a jewelry dish, bud vase holder, or jewelry pendant. Pro tip: lightly kneading two or more colors together will create a swirly marbled effect. Hippie-era macrame is all the Puro Raiders Skull shirt besides I will buy this rage these days—get in on the retro trend with a fun piece of decor you can make yourself. We love this homespun take on a lampshade, perfect for intermediate knitters. Or, if you’re a beginner, opt for one of Wool & The Gang’s fringy macrame wall hangings. Both kits include sustainable yarn made of fabric roll off-cuts from fashion factories in Turkey.

Puro Raiders Skull shirt

Unless your isolation digs include a garden, chances are you have scarce access to fresh cut flowers. Luckily, Livia Cetti (known for her fabulously artful tissue and crepe-paper blooms which are always on center display at John Derian’s New York shop), offers you the Puro Raiders Skull shirt besides I will buy this chance to assemble your very own floral arrangement with a series of DIY bouquets from her site, The Green Vase. Lingua Franca, the beloved clothier famous for adorning her cozy knitwear with cheeky taglines in sweet cursive stitches, is offering a DIY embroidery kit with the purchase of a plain sweater—and it comes complete with a one-on-one Zoom workshop with a member of the LF team. Your favorite cashmere crewneck just got a whole lot more personal!

Puro Raiders Skull s hoodie