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Sure, middle-class blacks may move into the Brooklyn or Oaklands (soon to be Inglewoods) when white hipsters are doing so Lifetime membership proud to be gay someone who is attracted to people of the same sex shirt and seemingly amp up the gentrification but blacks have been moving to cheaper neighborhoods for years with no jump in value or price. It’s not until the dominant class, with all the money (and power) do it that you see a $200k home go for $500k>$700k in less than 5 years. One may say, “Well that’s because whites have more resources…” EXACTLY! Where and how did those resources come about? Did redlining help them? Did those GI bills of yesterday, that were denied to blacks, help them? Did those segregated schools (prior to and after de-segregation) with all the books and resources in the suburbs (just as much of a creation as ghettos) help? Even further back, did that land stolen from the Natives help? Ah, no one wants to go that deep—it’s painful. It’s easier to ignore that stuff and relegate it to a meaningless past but that stuff is the foundation of all we see today. Anyone not seeing the connection between money and race in America doesn’t want to. America was built this way.

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A better question would be are people genetically more similar to the average of the ‘race’ that they belong to than to the average of the other ‘races’? The answer to that is yes, and for obvious enough reasons. However, this does not mean that over the whole genome that I will always be genetically more similar to another white person than to a black person, etc. The different races do represent an early stage of what would have been an evolution of the human species into several distinct sub-species and in the longer term distinct species if these populations had become completely reproductively isolated. This did not happen and is unlikely ever to happen and therefore the ‘races’ as we see them have little (but not zero) scientific importance. The truth is that given the huge population size and extreme geographical spread of Homo sapiens we have very little genetic variation. This is a bad thing as it makes it more likely that infectious disease can cause major pandemics. This lack of variation was caused by the species almost becoming extinct in the past, meaning we all descend from a very small number of individuals.


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