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In another rape murder incident in South India involving young murderers,, it took only a week to dole out justice in the form of an encounter. Nirbhaya doesn’t rest in peace though, she lives in me and in every woman who has survived sexual abuse rape, till all our rapists are hanged to death.

Are you saying they weren’t guilty and were found guilty and sentenced to death just to keep people happy and quiet. I don’t agree with the death penalty but these men committed the most horrendous crime and deserved at a minimum life imprisonment. This needs international attention seriouslyTshepo Nyova Tell that to your daughter you may have one day.


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I wish they would do that in the states to any scum that rapes or molest. The death penalty should be brought back in Britain for extreme offences like murder and rape. Because justice for the rape victim was not procured at a high price involving lengthy judicial processes.

Great news. Well they shit then, should’ve done more in my opinion death it is, otherwise more n more youngsters will think it’s ok to commit a crime, and then say, I’m underage and they will let me.

Excuse for what he did, same crime same punishment under age or not, he fully knew what he was doing but delhi cm kejriwal gave him a sewing machine. Not have make movie tamil safe for lady and how to make rape for have makeSee them evil faces The 17 year old, who under age should’ve been hanged to. They all have the evil eyes Nobody is freaking saying what they did was right.

I hope it was a painful death I am for the death penalty for any crime involving rape and voluntary killing of anyone. Yes good as that poor poor young lady Probably also worked for the scammers who swindle thousands posing as IRS agents on the phoneIdiots. Good to know that these culprits were raped in jail by other inmates for years in front of everyone before they were hanged.

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