Legendusashirtltd – Philly Vs All Youse 2022 Shirt(1)

Buy this shirt: Philly Vs All Youse 2022 Shirt(1), hoodie, tannk top and long sleeve tee

“It gives you every color you could possibly dream of! The paint is so easy to work with and provides coverage. I also pair it with Mehron Mixing Liquid; a few drops will transform any product to make it waterproof. With this pairing, you can create anything and have it last all night.”

Philly Vs All Youse 2022 Shirt(1)

Philly Vs All Youse 2022 Shirt(1) MockupHR hoodie den

“For taking things off, I love Patrick Starr’s spray-on makeup remover. It melts everything! It’s also great for cleaning color out of your makeup brushes. You’ll have to wash them as normal after, but they get the stubborn pigments out easily.”

6 Easy Step To Grab This Product:

  1. Click the button “Buy this shirt”
  2. Choose your style: men, women, toddlers, …
  3. Pic Any color you like!
  4. Choose size.
  5. Enter the delivery address.
  6. Wait for your shirt and let’s take a photograph.

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