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The details of the Remember in November shirt But I will love this night may still be under wraps, and how exactly the Italian house’s spring 2021 collection was shown tonight remains to be seen. But by bringing together a handful of the most agenda-setting talents from British music over the past few decades under one roof, Bottega Veneta has us very much intrigued.  At a moment when so many of our experiences live online, an exhibition like “Black Vessel,” focused on handcrafts and history and physical environments, wields a special power. Gates can appreciate this too. “In a way that I’ve never been inclined, I’ve been mailing my friends small gifts, just using the postal service while it lasts,” he says, because just like everyone else, “my friends and myself were all starving for non-digital moments, you know?” “Black Vessel” is on display at Gagosian from October 10 to December 19. Schedule a visit here.

Remember in November shirt

Of all the Remember in November shirt But I will love this things I’ve missed during the pandemic, swimming ranks high. In the water, all of my worries disappear, and as those worries have piled up at an alarming rate over the past six months while the pools in New York City have remained closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I’ve had little recourse to calm my mind. “With swimming, you’re taken outside of your normal environment the moment you plunge into the water,” Bonnie Tsui, author of Why We Swim, confirms of the activity’s transcending capabilities. “You’re enveloped completely by a medium in which sound is muted, vision is blurred or fogged, taste and smell are limited,” Tsui says. This muting of the senses “encourages a kind of internal retreat,” she continues. “The hushed sound of water boosts alpha wave activity—those brain waves associated with relaxation and creative thinking. Things drift in and out, and you find that you make connections you might not have otherwise.”

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