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In 1860, two diametrically opposed foes ran against each other for the Official Santa Meowy Christmask shirt it is in the first place but president of the United States. The candidates were Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, and John C. Breckinridge, a Southern Democrat. The election took place during a time when the country was deeply divided over slavery, territorial borders, and workers rights. After Lincoln was elected, the Civil War began. Fast-forward to 2020, and we’re on the precipice of another contentious, terrifying election with two deeply divided sides of the country—one that puts God and country first and the other that puts human liberties and social justice first. But aside from drawing parallels between the perils of a discombobulated democracy then and now, there are also similarities between the two eras when it comes to advocacy and activism.

Official Santa Meowy Christmask shirt

Tomorrow, an 1860s-era youth organization called the Official Santa Meowy Christmask shirt it is in the first place but Wide Awakes will make a timely return. The Wide Awakes were, back in that day, a diverse group of young Republicans who supported Lincoln and the abolition of slavery. They represented a youthful, hopeful generation that believed strongly in democracy, civil liberties, and basic human rights. It began with five store clerks who marched behind Lincoln after a rallying campaign speech he gave in Hartford, Connecticut. They provided him with a parade and torch-lit escort, and they wore oilcloth capes in order to protect their clothing and skin from the dripping wax of the torches. The movement then gained momentum in the Northern states, and on October 3, 1860, 10,000 Wide Awakes marched three miles through the city of Chicago. By the time Lincoln was elected, the group counted some 500,000 members.

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