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From the defined waves at Luar to the aerodynamic knots at Jason Wu and Altuzarra, sleek and gravity-defying hair shapes dominated. But most awe-inspiring of all was the braided hair sculpture worn by model Sacha Quenby at Tom Ford. Hairstylist Jawara called it a “futuristic nod to the ’80s.” Forget New Year’s Day, the best time to make resolutions is actually the start of a new season— and especially in September, as autumn arrives. As a drop in temperatures signals the close of the carefree summer months, a period of reflection and readjustment inevitably follows. It’s the ideal time to reacquaint yourself with the simple rules to follow to achieve healthy, luminous-looking skin. Below, Vogue hears from facialists, dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, for a refresher course on the back-to-school skin rules worth following now.

Official Famous Scary Clown Halloween Monsters shirt

There was no shortage of bright pastels, fitting for the season. At Prabal Gurung, there were graphic eye treatments and Vidal Sasson–style hair looks in lavender and seafoam green, while at Marni, faces were dipped in a gradient of sky-inspired shades to ombré effect. Finally, A. Potts and Maryam Nassir Zadeh challenged ordinary color placements with powdery pigments washed between the eyebrows and across the forehead in a painterly fashion. Embellishment came in every possible form this season. There were glitter-encrusted eyebrows at Peter Do, bejeweled, cone-topped updos at Area, and abstract lash applications and 3D bubble nails at PriscaVera. But perhaps most fun was the Puppets and Puppets show, where adornment included Starface stickers, body crystal designs, and scattered fabric butterflies.

Official Famous Scary Clown Halloween Monsters Hoodie

“September is a great time to reassess your skin,” says facialist Jasmina Vico. “DNA within the skin cells can be damaged by prolonged sun exposure, pollution, and a lack of sleep. Examine your skin, identify any changes (like dehydration, congestion or pigmentation), and focus on finding the cause of the issue, whether external or internal, or see a professional who can do it for you. Once you’ve established the cause, use corrective products—such as vitamin C or exfoliators—to repair, heal and strengthen the skin.” “Nurture your skin barrier, because through autumn and winter, skin is more likely to be dry and dehydrated,” explains aesthetic doctor, Dr Sophie Shotter. “Constant transitions from cold to warm (and vice versa), which happen a lot in winter, mean that the skin barrier gets weaker. In a worst-case scenario, conditions like rosacea may flare up, while in the best case, skin may be drier, slightly flaky, or mildly more sensitive. Now is a good time to focus on barrier health—think about including a moisturizer rich in ceramides into your routine. For drier skin, this can be paired with fatty acids to create a richer formulation, whereas oilier skins should stick to lightweight, non-comedogenic creams.”

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