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Good that you asked. Never happened with me. I have attention deficit, for me, reading is a solitary, private activity. I cannot concentrate if I am sitting in a place like library. Someone kept farting loudly in the area. He figured saying excuse me would absolve him of any responsibility. Between the noise and the stench an apology was not nearly adequate someone put an adult magazine in the children’s section and I was exposed to things I should be seeing at 6 years old. It is an outrage. For me, I quickly closed it and took it to the librarian and she disposed of it immeditely but the damage was already done I was Shhhh discriminated against. 2 girls giggling like crazy making tons of noise and I’m doing nothing. They start talking to me and the dude running the place must have liked them and been jealous because I got the ‘Shhh’ out of there. Shhhh discrimination — it’s rampant

Science it's like magic but real new design shirt

I was reading a newspaper in the public library. A chap was breathingdon my neck, even asked me if i could finish reading quickly. Being asked to leave by a stern, humourless, hard faced cow (probably never had a portion in her miserable life) after repeatedly slipping out eggie farts. Wasn’t doing it to cause annoyance – just had rotten guts that day. However, it was worth seeing the distorted look of disgust on her face when I let a really loud, wet fart going down the stairs with her behind me. True story. I remember it was my first day at high school and what a great library it was. I was amused by the interiors and the shelves. As I stepped in with some confidence as it was my orientation day. Luckily I had met this person, she was a batch mate. We thought it might be a quitter place for us to sit and get to know each other. Never mind, we started stepping in, as we crossed the scanner, suddenly I got out of balance and twisted my left ankle and I just slipped. With a library full of students, they all just stared at me and some giggled. As a newbie, it was an embarrassment for me, the girl beside me started laughing, and I felt utterly humiliated.

Science it's like magic but real new design s Hoodie

It didn’t happen to me but to someone I knew and it happened while I was working in the library. Academic library, I was a student at the time doing work study work and the person this happened to was also a student but was studying in the very visible and public study space in the library. They were handcuffed to their chair by another student who came up behind them. And while bewildered as to what was happening they were then photographed and released. No words, no explanation. The student came to me after, because they knew me, and said what had happened and that they were feeling violated. I called campus security who came and talked to both students. The other student was doing an experiment for a photography class (handcuffing people was not the assignment, that was a choice), trying to get specific candid expressions in photos. They got really scared when security was called and apologized. They weren’t charged but strongly asked not to do that anymore, and asked to delete the photos.

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