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I have since obtained a visitor’s library card, but owing to so much material being available online now, I haven’t been back in a few years. I once did drop by to make sure there really was no extant music for a particular piece I wanted to arrange, and the music librarian personally worked for quite a while before giving up (It was Telemann, and his works were kept at Dresden. Nuf said.) So that was a tiny speed bump, but at the time, it was quite painful, especially viewing all of the people wondering what horrible crimes I must have been doing to get that kind of reaction.

2024 desantis airlines bringing the border to you T-shirt

Well…A teenager playing loud music in the reading room. Ignored the request of the librarian to turn it off. She was intimidated. Music continued. I was enrolled in the College of Education, but many of the classes I took were in the College of Arts and Sciences. Every M/W, as I made my way to my class, I passed a teacher that I smiled and said, “hello’ to. One night, two years later, I was in the Library, and the teacher whom I passed so often came up to me and said he was going for the weekend to a softball tournament in Sarasota, and he wanted me to go with him. Well, I was about 45 years old, but I was shocked. I said, “I don’t even know you”. He said, “you were in my class two years ago, I am no longer your teacher”. I laughed and said, “I have never been in your class, we passed in the hallway”. I told the Chair of the English Department of the College of Arts and Sciences. He said that, technically, he couldn’t discipline him, but he did say that I must have made a great impression on him. That I found to be inappropriate too. My Masters is both the College of Education and The College of Arts and Sciences—all without going to a softball tournament, hahahaha.

2024 desantis airlines bringing the border to you T-s Hoodie

Parents leaving their minors to run wild. On one day one child decided to get undress in the kids section of the library and until someone from the library insist that mom dress her child. On a separate visit to a library, 2 teen decided to get topless and compare chest sizes. The librarians at the time did not seem to mind. I never had anything inappropriate happen to me in a library. I sure would have liked an attractive woman to try to seduce me; the closest I ever came to that was an abbot in a Buddhist temple in Kyoto Japan did but alas I am not attracted to other men. I did once find a Marqis de Sade book on a public library’s deaccessioned books throwaway table, and also a copy of what I consider one of the most important (albeit little known) books of the 20th century. Why were they throwing that away?

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