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The Democrats and news media called him a racist for it but other countries followed later. I’m not a Republican, but I’ve been very happy with how serious he takes this pandemic. The United Nations should hold China accountable and make them pay for the world wide damage to economies, then profiting in selling equipment to the afflicted countries. Too many places in the world at the receiving end of problems America has hugely contributed to but openly denied responsibility and arrogantly so climate change is one. Not to say China is a saint in all this but now is the time for people to hold their own leaders accountable for the mess they create elsewhere, because that is exactly how it feels. It is only on our own, so wearing masks is a simple and efficient way! But they couldn’t come up with other feasible instant solutions, and just roared. Why people in Taiwan are going to work everyday but infected is only 262 and only 2 dead is because of wearing mask.

New york, california, washington state, illinois, new Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana, just to name a few. I did not like DeWine as a Senator, but man did he get this right. On the flip side, most of the people traveling to China were students trying get home.

How would feel if you where stranded in a foreign country unable to get home.

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The game is over, things are out of control, this virus is much more dangerous than we thought. I have been shocked, not in a good wayThe coronavirus has exposed religiosity as an entirely dispensable red herring. A useless and vain attempt at providing a solution and God will save us as a dangerous exercise in complacency. If you would like to see how many has recovered in the UK or USA ect but ask me for usa one on post on the link below. I will get it as the media doesn’t tell you but be aware you me be shocked. The harsh reality is that most leaders and governments have made mistakes and acted too slowly including Trump and Johnson.

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